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Tiny homes have grown in popularity throughout the country.  They take up very little space, are efficient and can be relatively affordable.

Tiny home

Minimum Square Footage

So, can you place a tiny home on a vacant lot in Rio Rancho?  Well, that depends on how tiny of a home you are wanting to live in.

In Rio Rancho, the minimum size for a home is 1,008 square feet.  With most tiny homes ranging from 100 to 500 square feet, the ready-to-go home you saw online will unfortunately not be an option.

Other Requirements:

  • The home must be on a permanent foundation
  • There must be an attached or detached two-car garage
  • The dwelling must meet the city’s/county’s building codes

You’ll want to run your plans through the Planning & Zoning Department in the City of Rio Rancho or Sandoval county.


When building a home, you’ll also need to factor in a source for water, sewage, natural gas (if desired) and energy. Based on the cost to setup alternative sources for the bare necessities, it could be more practical to buy a home in Rio Rancho.

Planning & Zoning

To learn more about building requirements in Rio Rancho, contact:

City of Rio Rancho

Sandoval County

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