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Selling Land

Yes.  We can purchase land directly.  If you are interested in receiving an offer, contact us today.  (505) 730-8181

We offer a FREE land analysis.  We can provide you with information on comparable lots presently on the market and lots that have sold in the unit and/or in the area of your lot.  We can also provide you with an estimated list price range.  Get our FREE Land Analysis.

Let us know the Unit, Block and Lot or the Parcel #, and we’ll inform you of the size of your lot.

First, it’s important to make sure the unsolicited offer is not a scam.  It is not unheard of for scammers to target property owners.

Second, these type of letters are common.  Some will suggest that your lot is not worth much and they will do you a favor by taking it off your hands for a nominal amount.  Run!  

Forward us the letter and we can give you an honest assessment of your  land’s potential value.

It ultimately depends on the unit the property is in, the price and how it is marketed.  We recommend listing vacant land based on recent sales and activity in the area.

We will need the legal description of the property (e.g. Unit 10, Block 50, Lot 1) or Parcel #.  Once we verify your information on county record, we can draft the listing documents.

Once the listing agreement is complete and the photos/video of the property are obtained, your lot could be on the market in the matter of days.

We can typically close a vacant lot in approximately two-weeks.  If you choose to have your funds wired to you from the title company, you can likely receive the funds the next business day.

Buying Land

Yes.  The manufactured homes must be a double-wide with a two-car garage on a New Mexico state approved foundation.  Single-wide mobile homes are not permitted.

RVs, 5th wheel trailers or similar vehicles are not permitted as a residence on vacant land in Rio Rancho.  Learn more

Utility availability will vary by lot.  Most vacant lots will not have utilities stubbed in.  Learn more

If you are searching for land or have already found the lot you want to purchase, you can contact us at (505) 730-8181 or e-mail us with your interests.

We facilitate all transactions via a local title company who will perform a title search to ensure that any existing liens are paid prior to you taking ownership.

Aside from the purchase price, basic closing costs range from about $500-$600.  Basic closing costs include: Title Company Closing Fee, Recording Fee, Title Insurance, etc.  In some cases, these costs can be negotiated with the Seller.

It’s rare for a lot to have an existing survey.  You have the option to purchase a survey during or after the transaction.  The cost can range from about $500-$600.  Other options include an ILR (Improvement Location Report) which is about $250 or a plat map that can cost about $10-15.

Pending means the property is presently under contract with an accepted offer.  However, it does not mean the lot has sold.

When submitting earnest money to the title company and/or funding a transaction, the following payment methods are accepted: Money Order, Cashier’s Check or Wire Transfer.

Financing options are determined by the individual owner.  Virtually all property owners we work with require that the transaction is funded in full.

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Contact a Rio Rancho Realtor®

Call, text or e-mail a real estate broker with over 17 years of Rio Rancho land experience.  We are available to answer any questions that you have.